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Monday 20 May 2024

Rishi Sunak

Labour in full swing

The last time Labour won Blackpool South, the party won 270 other constituencies. It was 1997 and Labour took 179 more than all other parties combined. Tony Blair walked down a flag-festooned Downing Street later that sunny May day. The debate about whether Britain is approaching a 1992 knife-edge election, where a surprisingly resilient Conservative …

Will Labour level up our region?

Having observed the rise and fall of several governments over the course of my career, it seems to me that there always comes a point in the lifetime of an administration where all events conspire to the one end of inevitable electoral defeat. I witnessed it with the long, slow demise of John Major’s Government …

Tory Looney Tunes no longer amuse me

The plight of the Conservative Party increasingly resembles that of the hapless cartoon character Wile E. Coyote. Just like him, the Tories keep devising cunning new plans to arrest the remorseless progress of Road Runner Keir Starmer. But we all know the Acme anvil they have just suspended from a rocket-powered kite is about 10 …

Time to stop blaming ‘the council’

North East councils are wrestling with the problem of how to balance their books and are being forced to make agonising decisions on who they will have to let down next. These tough calls are being forced on them, and other councils up and down the country, by a system which sees the Government control …

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