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Friday 14 June 2024

Terms and Conditions

Subscriptions to The QT


These are the terms and conditions under which QT Regions Limited will sell you our digital subscriptions.

These conditions only apply to individual sales; if you wish to purchase multiple (minimum six) subscriptions for your business, please email [email protected] 

Please do not purchase a subscription if you do not agree to these terms and conditions. Unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions, defined terms have the same meaning as they have in our general website terms and conditions.

We have the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. You acknowledge these changes and agree to be bound by them by continuing to purchase and/or renew a subscription. Each time you purchase and/or renew a subscription from us, it is your obligation to read the terms and conditions.

We may provide special deals or limited-time promotions for our subscriptions occasionally. These may be subject to additional terms and conditions, which we will disclose in the relevant offers.

Any order placed by you represents an offer to us to purchase a subscription. All orders are subject to our approval. We shall not enter into a contract with you unless and until we accept your order in conformity with the processes outlined in these terms and conditions.

About us

Subscriptions are offered by QT Regions Limited. Our registered company number is 13552064, and our registered office is Dobson House, Gosforth, Newcastle NE3 3PF

How to purchase a subscription

To subscribe to The QT, you will need to do the following:
  • You must first register with us. You will be supplying us with certain personal information when you register which will be held by us in accordance with our privacy policy. 

  • Log on to and click on Subscribe. Then choose which subscription you would like to purchase.

  • Fill in your details and make payment using a Credit / Debit card or any other payment method we make available.

  • Following that, we may issue you an initial acknowledgement via email. We will give you an order confirmation by email after we have verified that we are able to fulfil your subscription request and that the payment was successful, at which point your order will become a purchase, and the contract between you and us will be concluded. Alternatively, we will send you an email in which we will explain that we were unable to meet your order.

We shall have a legal obligation to provide you with a subscription that is in accordance with the contract only after we have entered into it.

If we are unable to fulfil your purchase, we will aim to notify you as soon as possible of the issue, and you will be given the option to continue with your order or to place an alternate order.

We will provide your subscription in line with the Delivery section below after your order confirmation has been issued to you. 

Your personal information

When purchasing a subscription, you will be required to supply us with some personal information in order for us to fulfil your order. Our Privacy Policy explains how we use any personal information you supply us with and regulates the processing of all personal data.

Any personal information you supply us with must be truthful, accurate, up-to-date, and complete in all respects. When purchasing a subscription, you agree not to impersonate any other person or entity or to use a false identity or a name that you are not authorised to use. We collaborate with trustworthy third-party service providers that utilise and may retain your credit card information to allow subscription payment on our site. Third parties use this information to conduct billing and for internal business purposes. Fulfilling orders and processing credit card transactions are two examples of these applications. Your personal information that is handled through such third parties is subject to their privacy policies. These parties do not share or disclose your information with other third parties, and it is not used to promote third-party products.

Price and payment

All prices are accurate at the time of publication. Prices are subject to change at any time, but changes will not impact purchases that have already been paid for. If we raise the subscription price (which we may do at any time), it will not affect your existing subscription; however, the new price will apply when it is renewed. We will ensure that any change in price is communicated to you in writing before your subscription renews.

When making a purchase on the Site, you have the following options:
  • 1. Pay with a debit or credit card using our secure third-party payment platform. All payment card purchases are subject to validation checks (which you agree to) and card issuer authorisation. We shall not accept your order if the issuer of your payment card refuses or does not allow payment to us for any reason. Please keep in mind that your card issuer may charge you an online handling or processing fee, for which we are not liable.

  • 2. Alternatively, you may pay with any other payment method we make available using a secure third-party payment channel. Such purchases are subject to any mandatory validation checks (which you agree to).

You agree that your subscription will be considered continuous and will automatically renew (taking into account any upgrade or downgrade) for the same subscription duration as the initial subscription period, without notification.

Subscriptions and Delivery


The minimum subscription period is one month and commences when we activate your subscription after emailing you the order confirmation. Some promotional deals may have a minimum period of one, three, six, or twelve months.

The scope of each subscription package is set out at point of purchase.

Continuous Subscriptions and Renewals

When you acquire a subscription and pay with a credit / debit payment card or any other method we make available, it is on a recurring basis, which means that your subscription will automatically renew for the same subscription duration as the initial subscription period. If we raise the subscription price (which we may do at any time), it will not affect your existing subscription; however, the new price will apply when it is renewed. We will ensure that any change in price is communicated to you in writing before your subscription renews.

You can terminate your subscription at any time by contacting us as described in the cancellation section below.


You agree that your subscription will begin immediately after the contract between us is created and that once any part of the subscription has been delivered to you, you waive any statutory cancellation rights you may have to terminate the contract and receive a full refund if you change your mind.

You have the contractual right to cancel a subscription at the expiration of its current subscription cycle and/or prevent auto-renewal of your subscription. The cancellation will take effect when the current subscription period expires. If you are charged for a terminated subscription, you will get a full refund.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions and any contract entered into relating to a subscription are governed by the laws of England and Wales and by entering into such a contract you agree that all disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

Removing or amending online articles

QT Regions Limited will only remove or amend any articles on any of its websites if there is something factually incorrect or illegal in that article.

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