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Friday 14 June 2024

About The QT

The QT is a new digital media platform for the North East with an emphasis on quality regional journalism.

No sensationalism, no pop-ups and no clickbait. Just meaningful news that matters.

Honest, straightforward, and unbiased, The QT’s business model is based on people paying for quality stories told by quality storytellers.

In return, we deliver an uninterrupted, clean reading experience, allowing our audience to concentrate on a weekly serving of independent, issue-led journalism, which cuts through the noise with clarity and depth.

A new edition of The QT is available every Thursday at noon featuring a mix of content designed to engage, inspire, inform, concern, amuse, amaze, and entertain.

While politically neutral, The QT unashamedly looks at the world through a North East lens. We pride ourselves on being a campaigning champion for the region with a tone of voice that is calm, measured and non-sensationalist.

Civilised Society offers a forum for informed and expert views and ideas to be shared and debated in a respectful, rational and reasoned manner – an antidote to the polarised and toxic comments which dominate so much digital discourse while doing little to change minds.

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