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Sunday 19 May 2024


‘Trailblazer’ Hunt gets priorities right

Typically there’s not an awful lot of mystery left when it comes to Budget day. However, Jeremy Hunt had a few positive surprises for the North East. Most notably, the Chancellor announced a ‘trailblazer’ devolution deal for the North East, which the official Budget documents say ‘will provide a package of new funding potentially worth …

Poverty damages the economy and society

You only have to venture out into the communities around you to see deepening poverty. Rising homelessness, community buildings turned into “warm spaces” for people who can’t afford to heat their homes, growing numbers of people being treated by the NHS for malnutrition, queues at food banks. Shockingly, the latest data shows more than one …

Wear backing city’s movie ambition

The driving forces behind hit Netflix show Sunderland ‘Til I Die have renewed calls for the investment the North East requires to become an international movie hub. Plans were submitted in November to develop state-of-the-art film studios on the site of the Crown Works, in Pallion, on the banks of the Wear. And Fulwell 73, …

Time to stop blaming ‘the council’

North East councils are wrestling with the problem of how to balance their books and are being forced to make agonising decisions on who they will have to let down next. These tough calls are being forced on them, and other councils up and down the country, by a system which sees the Government control …

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