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Sunday 14 July 2024

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Quizzing at The QT – June 28

28th June … and a quick look at what has previously happened on this day in history … including an event in Newcastle upon Tyne … 1461  Edward, Earl of March, was crowned King Edward IV of England 1519  Charles V was elected as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1635  Guadeloupe became a French colony 1797  French rule began …

Quizzing at The QT – June 21

21st June – it’s Midsummer Day  … and a quick look at what has previously happened on this day in history ….. 1749  Halifax, Nova Scotia, was founded 1788  New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution of the United States 1791  Louis XVI and his family began the Flight to Varennes 1900  The Boxer Rebellion. China declared …


Boxing Clever – Reacher

Jack Reacher is a retired Military Police officer, formerly of the US Army. He is the lead character in a fantastically successful series of books written by British author Lee Child, which have sold over 100 million copies worldwide. There are 28 Reacher novels in all, and I’ve currently read 27 and a half of …

Restaurant Hjem right at home at Fenwick

I’ve had the happy privilege of eating at Restaurant Hjem in Wall, Northumberland on a number of occasions in recent years, and every time has been an absolute delight. So when I found out they were setting up shop within five minutes of my home in Newcastle, it would have been nothing short of rude …

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