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Monday 20 May 2024


The Singing Politician

It could all have been so different. If the 2019 General Election hadn’t been a Boris “Get Brexit Done” landslide then Penny Grennan might have become Hexham’s Labour MP. Right now she would be gearing herself up to defend the seat, fighting to persuade her party to solve problems which still keep her awake at …

New principal sets his goals

There can be few greater tests of resilience than the world of football. But as newly appointed college principal and chief executive of Bishop Auckland College Group Shaun Hope is discovering the skills he developed in the game are crossing into education. “When you are growing up with football you don’t realise the lessons you …

All’s Well That Ends Well

For the boy growing up in Shakespeare Avenue in the South Tyneside town of Hebburn, not even the Bard could have imagined the drama of the life which lay in store for the youngster. Dominic Bruce, born in Hebburn in 1915, made 17 escape attempts as a prisoner of war of the Germans. During the …

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