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Saturday 18 May 2024

North East business

The transformative power of sport

As a Glaswegian transplanted to the North East, the path to feeling truly at home was less a matter of geography and more one of community and connection. The Newcastle Eagles Basketball Club has been my guide, my welcome party and, in many ways, my educator in this vibrant, passionate part of England. Through the …

In high spirits

At a top secret location whisky maturing in 7,000 wooden casks which once contained sherry performs its magic, extracting flavours from the oak. At today’s prices the amber liquor is worth £100m as the world goes mad for a whisky increasingly supplied by a Cumbrian distillery. The decade-old story of The Lakes Distillery is the …

Ahead of the game

Athletes will be able to monitor their brain brainwaves to pinpoint peak performance and injury after an innovative sports headband, originally designed to reduce concussion, is adapted. Stanley-based Rezon Halos has linked up with the American tech firm Cogwear to produce sportswear that will use EEG (electroencephalogram) technology to analyse brainwaves. Clinical trials are about …

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