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Wednesday 22 May 2024

Local government

Green lobby back restoration of Leamside Line

North East leaders of England’s most prominent countryside charity have joined the clamour for the Leamside Line railway line to be re-opened. Andrew Thompson, chair of CPRE Durham and Richard Cowen, chair of CPRE North East say that as well as the economic benefits the 21-mile stretch of railway line would bring, there would be …

Why we must care better for the carers

Ask Caitlin Evans what she believes is the biggest issue currently facing the social care sector, not just in England but across the UK, and her answer is emphatic: a chronic shortage of staff. Low pay, insufficient funding, inadequate training, stress, and a lack of understanding and appreciation amongst many employers and the public of …

Vital Signs of effective giving

In the North East, we obsess over government spending, especially with power coming to the new Mayor. And we trumpet new investment by businesses, tracking data for any bright spots of prosperity. But what role should philanthropy play? This would already be a very different place if not for giving of money, time and expertise. …

Poverty damages the economy and society

You only have to venture out into the communities around you to see deepening poverty. Rising homelessness, community buildings turned into “warm spaces” for people who can’t afford to heat their homes, growing numbers of people being treated by the NHS for malnutrition, queues at food banks. Shockingly, the latest data shows more than one …

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