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Sunday 12 May 2024


Forecast bleak for breeding birds

Wildlife experts have warned that this year’s poor weather is taking its toll on birds who usually find sanctuary on the Northumberland coast every spring to feed, roost and breed after travelling thousands of migratory miles  The staff of Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve (LNNR), working in partnership with Northumberland Coast National Landscape Team, the National …

Lindisfarne — standing the test of Tyne

It won’t surprise anyone who knows me — or where I came from, genes-wise — to hear that more often than not, the direction of these columns is pretty much decided as the deadline looms. Sometimes they’re shaped by a song on the radio; or prompted by a post I’ve seen on social media. Other …

Taking Liberties to new places

In 1995, as Alan Hull focused on putting the finishing touches to critically acclaimed solo album Statues and Liberties, he could hardly have imagined it would be his final set of politically charged folk songs. Tragically, the Lindisfarne frontman passed away before the record was released and co-producer Dave Hull-Denholm has always wanted to revisit …

One Hull of a collection

Sam Fender’s face was a picture. His eyes were sparkling and his mouth had cracked into a huge smile. He was listening for the first time to Alan Hull’s original demo of Winter Song, a track he’d grown up with and had recently recorded. This was the look of instant recognition as one songwriter hears …

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