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Monday 20 May 2024


Who will join Bridget in the Cabinet?

With expectations of a Labour election landslide growing by the day, thoughts inevitably turn to the question of who might be in the next government, and specifically for our region, which North East MPs might make the cut. The one obvious shoo-in for Cabinet rank is of course Bridget Phillipson, MP for Houghton and Sunderland …

Are the Tories facing total wipeout?

The Conservative Party faces complete annihilation in the North East in the next general election, according to one of the country’s leading political pollsters which delivers seat-by-seat analysis. It says the Tories could lose all their gains of 2019 in our region — and more.  The most surprising seat to fall would be Hexham, says …

Time to set our councils free

I vividly remember, shortly after I was elected Leader of Newcastle City Council in 2011, a political friend asking me why on earth I’d chosen to ruin my career by taking on such a poisoned chalice. The then Chancellor George Osborne and Eric Pickles (the then Secretary of State for Local Government) were proposing deep …

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