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Monday 20 May 2024


Seismic find will help farming and the climate

Tiny volcanic rocks used as fertiliser on North East fields can increase crop growth by more than 20%, Newcastle University scientists proved this week — in a process which also captures huge amounts of carbon. The landmark findings, officially published in an academic paper today (March 28), could have a major impact on British farming …

Go Wilde in the country

Farmer Dave Wilde — trusty border collie, Joe, zigzagging at his heels — strides towards his flock of grazing sheep, and surveys the scene from the top of the hill: “I’ve found my perfect job,” he says with a broad smile. Welcome to the field of dreams — New Warlands Farm, near Burnopfield, in County …

Farmers: No need to plough a lone furrow

A business network to support farmers and their families has been launched in Northumberland and is determined to make a difference.  The Farmer Network for Northumberland is the first of its kind in our region and provides a platform for the farming community to support each other – both in business and personally. The not-for-profit …

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