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Sunday 19 May 2024


Shape of things to come

A new North East startup is aiming to revolutionise the way clothes are bought online while drastically reducing the amount of returns that currently inundate the sector. With the rise in returns reflecting badly on the balance books of some of fashion’s biggest names, one Seaham entrepreneur has come up with the makings of a …

Focusing on future success

A leading light in the world of wellbeing has urged two successful Tyneside start-ups to broaden their reach and realise their full potential following a whistle-stop trip to the North East. Nicola Elliott, a Northumbria graduate and founder of internationally renowned NEOM Organics London, visited her former university to pass on key advice and expertise …

Back to the future

It’s an enduring misconception that most tech entrepreneurs achieve success because they’re either lucky, born into privilege or are even privy to some secret sauce that the rest of us just don’t know about! Mitch doesn’t subscribe to any of that.  Rather Mitch is a “normal lad”, as he describes, “who works hard and solves …

A new Broom

In the world of start-ups, authenticity is often preached but rarely practised. We’re told to embrace our vulnerabilities, to share our stories and to trust that the world will resonate with our truths.  Yet, when it comes to showcasing our professional journeys, we often default to a highlight reel: polished, pristine, and perpetually winning. ‘Instagram …

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