The QT

Friday 19 July 2024

How civic role of universities can thrive

General Election

One wish, one paragraph, one hundred people

Arlen Pettitt

Why aren’t we learning the lessons of Covid and the cost of living crisis?

Nick Kemp

We are the backbone of the UK economy

Jamie Hardesty

Don’t tell me the North East tech story, show me!


Leamside will create great opportunities

Growth funding

Whistling while he works


‘Trailblazer’ Hunt gets priorities right

Green economy

North East’s green hotspots revealed

Arlen Pettitt

Time for the Chancellor to turn on the taps


Basketball’s economic bounce


Traders accuse Hexham of commercial suicide

Digital poverty

Left to their own devices

Jamie Hardesty

Let’s level up on policies

Soaring costs

Campaign to save South Shields cafe

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