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Wednesday 19 June 2024

Quizzing at The QT

Welcome to the first of our weekly Friday quiz questions, brought to you by our in-house inquisitor Chris Earnshaw
Flex that grey matter every Friday

Welcome all to this wet and windy February 9… and to the first of our weekly QT quizzes. But first, to the 9th of February in years gone by.

On this day…

1539: The first recorded horse race was held on Chester Racecourse, known as ‘The Roodee’

1825: After no candidate received a majority of electoral votes – the House of Representatives elected John Quincy Adams as the sixth President of the United States

1861: Jefferson Davis was elected as the President of the Confederate States

1893: Verdi’s last opera, Falstaff, was premiered at La Scala, Milan

1961: the Beatles performed at The Cavern Club for the first time following their return to Liverpool from Hamburg

1964: the Beatles (again) made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, attracting a record audience of 73 million viewers 

1986: Halley’s Comet made its most recent appearance in the Solar System

2018: the Winter Olympics opened in Pyeongchang   


Ronald Colman was born on this day in 1891; Dean Rusk on this day in 1909; and Jim Laker on this day in 1922.  Anthony Hope was born on this day in 1863 and appears in this week’s question.

Carole King is 82 today; Joe Pesci is 81; Mia Farrow is 79; Sandy Lyle is 76; Holly Johnson is 64; Glenn McGrath is 54; and Tom Hiddleston is 43.

And so, to today’s question:

Below is a series of book covers. The autobiography of which former Prime Minister is missing from the bottom row?

Quiz question for Friday February 9, 2024

If you think you know the answer, let us know by emailing [email protected] and the first person to provide the correct response will get a prestigious name check in next week’s quiz.

On 3rd February 1879 Newcastle’s Mosley Street became the first road in the world to be lit by electric lighting, showcasing the potential of Joseph Swan’s incandescent light bulb.

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