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Saturday 15 June 2024

16 May 2024

Cash boost is just the job

A project to support adults into work across the region has been awarded £1.3m — one of the first schemes to get financial backing from the new North East Combined Authority. The Open Doors: Beyond Barriers project, led by Newcastle College, aims to offer individuals with tailored support plans, personal development activities and the next …

The world of Charlie Rogers

One Monday morning long ago, a young man called Charlie Rogers limped down Bensham Road in Gateshead, wincing as he went. Two days before, this ‘ageing left back’ (his description) was playing in a Cup-tie for Kibblesworth Colliery Welfare when he got ‘a hefty whack on an already dodgy left knee’. The doctor studied it, …

A region divided by a single party?

The Secretary of State for Business dropped a clanger this week, referring to Tory peer Ben Houchen as the Tyne Tees Mayor. It was a slip which drew the inevitable suggestion that perhaps the Conservatives weren’t really paying attention to the North. The Labour Party, on the other hand, confirmed it most definitely was paying …

History and a wee dram — the perfect blend

Cross Wooler Water, a tributary of the Till, from the south and it’s impossible to miss the majestic Ad Gefrin museum and distillery, dominating the hillside to the left.  As the modern embodiment of the Golden Age Of Northumberland, its imposing glass facade, mix of traditional and modern architecture and prime location at the foot …

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